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Episode 436: 4 Ways to Keep Profitable During COVID – Brandon Wong

At some point in the last eight months, you’ve probably questioned why you decided to become an entrepreneur. We know that keeping your small business afloat during COVID hasn’t been easy.

Brandon Wong of Photo Booth Supply Co joins us for his second episode of the Bokeh Podcast to explain how COVID impacted his business, and the shifts he made to continue to stay profitable. Listen in as he describes conceptualizing the plan to pivot their marketing, product offerings, and even team responsibilities.

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Show Notes

How COVID Impacted PBSC (7:48)
Cautious Optimism

Things They Could Control during COVID: (10:00)
Product Strategy

Proactivity (12:19)

Team Members (15:43)
– Froze hiring process.
– Keeping 10/10 Team
– Developing Processes

Marketing (27:51)
– The Photo Booth Podcast
– Youtube Channel
– The Photo Booth Academy

Product Strategy (40:54)
– Sanitation Opportunities
– Virtual Events (Booth Summit)

4 Ways They’ve Stayed Profitable:
– Only a 21% churn rate
– Maintained profitability every month except for April
– Maintained team size
– Better equipped to scale than before

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