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Episode 64: Stop Acting Like an Artist! – Peter Clayman

Struggling to find a balance in art and business as a photographer? It’s so easy to get lost in one or the other and lose sight of the big picture.

In episode 64 of the Bokeh Podcast, Peter Clayman of NH Images shares steps you can take to pursue the art of photography while still keeping the business side a priority. Peter discusses how he found a balance that allowed him to utilize his business skills, focus on client wants and needs, yet still create art with his photography.

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Show Notes

About Peter: Peter Clayman is a New Hampshire photographer and videographer with NH Images. After leaving the corporate world to pursue photography, he found a great balance in art and business. When he’s not photographing weddings, he enjoys spending time with his children and working out.

Peter’s Aha Moments:
1. While working in corporate America, Peter was given a camera and shown that he had artistic potential to do more in photography, so he quit his full time job.
2. After being in sales, he realized his skill for creating connections and partnerships came natural.

How Peter’s business degree helped start his business: 
1. Profitability – He was focused on being profitable from day.
2. Relationships – Knowing that business relationships were so important in corporate world, allowed a transition into understanding and respecting them in the entrepreneur world as well.
3. Differentiate – Creating a differentiator in his business from his competition based on what mattered to the couple.

Major Drawbacks on Focusing on the Artistic Side of Photography:
1. Managing paychecks to take care of the bills.
2. You may not be focusing on what the client is looking for.
3. You are missing opportunities to create relationships.

2 Ways to Pursue the Artistic Side of Photography While Running a Business:
1. Take time to shoot images you’d like to capture at shoots if time allows.
2. Shoot for yourself or create a passion project for yourself.

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