Episode 63: The Significance of Collaboration – Tomas Flint

Looking for inspiration in your business? As entrepreneurs, we go through phases that require us to search for something more for our businesses. Whether we search in art or elsewhere, we can find inspiration in areas outside of our primary passion.

In episode 63, photographer Tomas Flint describes how he found inspiration in the music and life of Tom Petty. As one of the most influential musicians in Tomas’ life, Tom Petty created a beautiful example of collaboration with others in his work. This idea of collaboration motivated Tomas to push his business further through working with others. Listen to episode 63 as Tomas shares his story of inspiration through Tom Petty, and how photographers can apply the concept of collaboration to their own businesses.

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Show Notes

About Tomas: Tomas Flint is a photographer based out of Rochester, New York. He finds joy in spending time with his son and playing the guitar.

Tomas’ Aha Moment: Regardless of where his career is going, where it is, is good.

Tomas’ Musical Inspiration: Tom Petty

Tomas’ Comparison of Photographers and Musicians: Their trajectory is so incredibly parallel to ours in the way that we get to creating, manifesting, nurturing, and presenting ideas. Its all the same vibe, it’s all creation. These examples of work serve as the inspiration as to how he can get more out of himself and what he can aspire to.

Tomas’ Tip for New Ideas: Wherever the essence of your work is coming from, you need to focus on that. If you can do that, you can make a better product.

Website: tomasflint.com
Instagram: @tomasflint
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