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Episode 62: How to Prepare Your Business for 2018 – Meredith Ryncarz

As we approach the end of another year, have you started to prepare your business for 2018? Part of being a successful business owner is establishing a clear and actionable business plan, and that includes planning in advance for the new calendar year! But what’s the best way to go about this process?

In episode 62 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Meredith Ryncarz explains the significance of not waiting until the new year to plan for the new year, and outlines the steps that she and her husband have implemented in their business for a powerful planning process that has led to continued growth!

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Show Notes

About Meredith Ryncarz: Meredith Ryncarz is a photographer currently based in Birmingham, AL. As a military spouse, she’s developed a flexible business model that enables her to move her business to a new location easily. She’s utilized her plan to help others as well with The Restart Specialist.

Meredith’s Aha Moment: When she started to step outside of the photography industry and look at education that was provided for Fortune 500 companies, it changed how they interacted with vendors, customers, and employees.

Meredith’s Favorite Tools:
17hats – Client/project manager that handles contracts, invoices, and questionnaires.
ConvertKit – Email marketing automation for bloggers.
Meet Edgar – Social media tool.
Photographer’s Edit – Custom photo editing for portrait and wedding photographers.
Planoly – Instagram planner & scheduler.
SurveyMonkey – Survey tool.
Teak & Twine – Custom gifting service.
Trello – Task Management Software

Four Steps To Planning For The New Year:
1. SWOT Evaluations – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
2. Survey clients of their experience anonymously through SurveyMonkey.
3. Review client workflows & adjust.
4. Make a list of goals and dreams with actionable tasks.

Instagram: @meredithryncarz
Facebook: Meredith Ryncarz Photography
The Restart Specialist – Created by Meredith Ryncarz to help others who need to restart their businesses based on her personal experience as a military spouse who relocates every three to four years.
Arbinger Institute Training
Creative Live
International Academy of Wedding Photography
Todoist – Task Management Software