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Episode 61: How to Build a Team of Photographers – Katie Snyder

Are you overwhelmed with the number of bookings for your wedding and portrait business? What if you could share the workload with associate photographers?

In episode 61 of the Bokeh Podcast, Katie Snyder shares how she went from burnout to managing a team of successful photographers under her brand. She shares her journey to building a team of photographers, including her fears of letting go and her requirements for finding the right people for her team. Now, as a successful business owner, Katie credits much of the growth of her business to the amazing team she has the pleasure to work with.

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Show Notes

About Katie Snyder: Katie Snyder is a photographer based out of Atlanta, where she resides with her husband, Dan. When they’re not in Atlanta, they’re touring with Dan’s band, Paper Lights. To accommodate the demand of her services and allow for flexibility in her career, Katie created a team of photographers to better serve her clients.

Katie’s Aha Moment: She didn’t have to do everything herself. Running a business can be overwhelming, but finding the tasks that you are passionate about can allow you to delegate tasks.

Katie’s Theory: Everyone is born creative.

Katie’s “Why” For Building A Team: Her drive for building the team came from her own burnout. As an entrepreneur, she found that she was working long hours every day, with very little time to spend with friends and family. Around her 30th birthday, she felt stuck and unsure of how she could continue. She wanted to find a way to make the business work for her. At that time, she had associate photographers who had been helping her with weddings when she decided to take a year off from shooting weddings herself.

Katie’s The Most Difficult Part of Having a Team: Learning how to communicate to the client that they will be getting a photographer that isn’t her, but they’ll be getting a photographer who is just as good, if not better.

Three Steps for Hiring the Right Photographers:
1. Personality – Find someone with a great personality that can handle the stress of a wedding day. Personality is more important than skill on some level.
2. Communication – How do they communicate with others and with you? Find someone who can respond promptly.
3. Skill Level – Find someone who is well versed in every lighting scenario.

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