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Episode #60: Why Failing Is So Important – Torrey Fox

Afraid to jump because you’re afraid of failing? While some failure is inevitable, not every failure will hurt you. In many cases, it can improve your business and yourself in more ways than one.

In episode 60 of the Bokeh Podcast, Torrey Fox shares her successes, failures, and everything in between that has helped guide her business to be what it is today. From trial and error, Torrey has found that taking jobs she knows fit her style will allow her and her clients to appreciate the work she is doing.

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Show Notes

About Torrey Fox: Torrey Fox is a San Francisco based photographer who got started with photography in 2005. When she’s not shooting weddings, you can find her sipping wine with her boyfriend, traveling, and hiking.

Torrey’s Aha Moment: Stay motivated & grow more by continuing to use you camera. Pick it up, go out on your own, and take photos for yourself.

Tip for Creating Balance: Learn to say no. Once you realize what you want to focus on in your business and what fits your brand, you shouldn’t take on every request that comes your way.

Torrey’s Initial Mistake:
When she first started out, she was quiet behind the lens. She found that her lack of communication with her clients caused for pictures that didn’t match the style she wanted. To adjust, Torrey began talking to her clients from behind the camera and guiding the poses. After each session, she would write down what she did well at and what she could improve on in her next shoot.

Three Tips for Starting A Photography Business:
1. Manage client expectations.
2. Not everything you see online will work for you.
3. Do not overpromise just to book a client.

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