Episode 65: 4 Steps To Fast-tracking Your Business – Jessica Odaynik

Ready to jump into the next phase of your business? Ready to begin fast-tracking the process? With so many techniques and steps to take, things can get overwhelming.

In episode 65 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jessica Odaynik of Jesslance Photo gives insight into her four simple steps to fast-tracking your photography business. Through networking and managing her time, she’s found success in focusing on her priorities while still creating happy clients.

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Show Notes

About Jess: Jess is an engagement and wedding photographer in Connecticut. When she’s not shooting, you can find her mountain biking, running, or hanging with her pups.

Jess’ Aha Moment: She decided to focus on what excited her and eliminated everything she didn’t want to focus on for her portfolio. This left her with engagements and weddings since she found the most enjoyment in being part of those.

Jess’ Secret to Time Management: Setting timers and alarms to help manage her completion rates of tasks.

Jess’ Four Biggest Lessons Learned:
1. Trust Your Gut – As soon as you move forward with something that feels right for you, you’ll immediately feel right about it.
2. Network – There are so many Facebook groups (large and small) that hold meet ups, allowing you to network with other professionals.
3. Utilize Feedback – When you get feedback, find ways to use it to improve your business!
4. Manage Your Workflows – Whether it is in templates, systems, or outsourcing, find what works for you that will allow you to make the most of your business.

Website: jesslancephoto.com
Instagram: @jesslance.photo
Facebook: Jesslance Photo
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