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Episode 66: Associate Photographers: The Workflow – Jennie Tewell

Ever wish there were two or three of you to get your work done? If only there were someone to build us a cloning machine! Or have you considered hiring associate photographers?

In episode 66 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Jennie Tewell shares the benefits of hiring associate photographers! While we’ve previously discussed how to build a team of photographers in episode 61, today Jennie is sharing what the workflow of her associate photographers looks like! From client communication to accounting, she lets her associate photographers’ talents shine through and uses them to benefit her business.

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Show Notes

About Jennie: Jennie Tewell is a wedding photographer based in Mobile, AL. With her two associate photographers, Brianna and Elizabeth, they’re capturing weddings for a wide range of clients. When she isn’t photographing people, you can find her putting on talent shows with her husband and three daughters.

Jennie’s Aha Moment: After becoming overwhelmed with her schedule, Jennie decided to specialize in weddings for the sake of income and enjoyment. Once deciding on wedding photography, then outsourcing some of her tasks, she found that she was spending more time with her family.

Jennie’s Tip for Managing Time: Jennie has found that her most productive time to work is at night, so she sets aside one or two nights a week to work. For the things she can, she’ll outsource so she can focus on other areas of her business.

Benefits of Associate Photographers: There are many benefits to having associate photographers! For example, when clients reach out about session types that Jennie doesn’t do, she can offer it to an associate photographer. Or maybe a bride reaches out about a date she’s already booked or with a lower budget, she can share her associate photographers with them.

The Associate Photographer Workflow: While Jennie handles the booking, billing, and ongoing communication, she allows her associate photographers to communicate about everything that will happen on the wedding day. Once the wedding is over, she manages the editing, delivery, and up-selling.

Website: jennietewell.com
Instagram: @jentewell
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