Episode 67: Putting Yourself In the Customer’s Shoes – Lori Blythe

As photographers, we tend to get carried away with the business and lose sight of the client experience. Has that ever happened to you? Maybe you’re completely unaware that your client experience is lacking because you haven’t put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

In episode 67 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer Lori Blythe shares how she realized how much she could improve her client experience through getting on the other side of the lens. From hiring different photographers for multiple sessions, she found what she loved about their experiences that she would incorporate into her own. Doing this allowed her to get in her customer’s shoes.

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Show Notes

About Lori: Lori is a photographer based out of Fredericksburg, TX. You can find her cuddling her two Australian Shepherds, drinking peppermint tea, and listening to Spotify playlists when she’s not capturing moments for her clients.

Lori’s Aha Moment: The value of your photography business can be found in the three E’s: Equipment, Education, and Experience.This allowed her to feel good about raising her prices.

The Other Side Of The Lens: While Lori’s professional career has been photographing people, she found that she had no idea how to be on the other side of the camera. This helped her realize the value of a photographer’s direction and communication, which in turn, helped build a better experience for her clients.

6 Important Notes From Being On The Other Side Of The Lens:
1. Be human to your client by connecting with them personally. This helps a client feel comfortable.
2. Go the extra mile to make a model feel beautiful by incorporating a hair and makeup team.
3. Bring music to fill the silence.
4. Demonstrate the poses for your clients to fully communicate what you’re asking of them.
5. Be open and direct about pricing of the session, packages, and products.
6. Share as much information as possible about a client/s session.

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