Episode 68: How to Speak Your Client’s Language on Instagram – Jasmine Star

Are you having trouble connecting with your clients on Instagram? Is it possible to engage them in a meaningful way that enriches their experience with your brand? We think so!

In episode 68 of the Bokeh Podcast, Instagram maven and branding expert, Jasmine Star reveals how she goes deep with her Instagram audience to create real connections. There’s a lot to learn as Jasmine shares her journey from photographer to branding strategist. Listen in and get connecting with those clients!

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Show Notes

About Jasmine: Jasmine Star decided that law wasn’t for her, so she left law school to pursue photography. After years in the business, she realized she felt a calling to help other entrepreneurs build their brands on social media. Now she’s built Social Curator with the help of her husband, JD.

Jasmine’s Aha Moment: She realized she can make her own rules.

Why Jasmine Transitioned: Jasmine felt like she reached a creative ceiling. She realized she was one of 35 hired hands at a wedding, not Jasmine.

Why Jasmine Chose This Path: Jasmine feels convicted to empower strong business owners.

About Social Curator: Jasmine empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media by having the right things to say, the photos to post, and knowing exactly what to do.

Jasmine’s Top Tip for Social Media: Emulate what is being done, shared, and seen. The people that are getting the most engagement is because they were one of the emulators of doing it first.

How to Effectively Communicate Your Brand on Instagram: Use your Instagram profile as a business card:
– Your Physical Location
– What You Do
– Who It’s For
– How They Can Contact You

What is Social Curator? It’s a monthly social media subscription that walks you through what you should be focusing on in social media for that month. It breaks down what is actually working.

Website: jasminestar.com
Social Curator Website: mysocialcurator.com
Instagram: @jasminestar