Episode 69: B2B Relationships for Photographers – Emily Edgar

Does the thought of networking terrify you? Whether introvert or not, it can be a scary thought to make connections in large groups or B2B events.

In episode 69 of the Bokeh Podcast, Emily Edgar of Emily Nicole Photography shares how she decided to start networking through personal outreach rather than large events. This simple realization that relationships can be formed in a more authentic way has completely changed her business. Now she has developed a personal connection with a large network of industry professionals that has brought success to her business.

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Show Notes

About Emily: Emily is a family and small wedding photographer based out of Vancouver. You can typically find her with her cat(s) and fiancé planning their wedding for next year.

Emily’s Aha Moment: It’s so easy to take the time to call industry related professionals and make connections.

Time Management Technique: Making the decision to outsource her editing with Photographer’s Edit has freed up her time, so much so that she can take on more weddings each year.

Vancouver’s Networking Scene: There are large networking groups and conferences, but Emily tends to stick to the smaller groups of one or two when she’s meeting up with them.

3 Keys To Developing Strong, Beneficial B2B Relationships:
1. Find companies that align with your specific business and reach out to them.
2. Be prepared to explain what you want from the relationship and the details around it. Go to the meeting with an outline and samples of your work.
3. Share your images for their business use to provide value for them in the relationship.

Emily brings the following to her networking meetings:
1. Images specific to the vendor’s needs
2. Prepared packages of her services

Website: www.emilynicolephotos.com/
Instagram: @emily_nicole_photos
Facebook: Emily Nicole Photos
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