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Episode 70: How Outsourcing Led to Growth in My Business – Andrea Bogard

Have you noticed opportunities to grow your photography business, but don’t feel like you have any extra time to invest in those efforts? Is your busy schedule keeping you from building the photography brand of your dreams?

In episode 70 of the Bokeh Podcast, Andrea Bogard of Northern Art Photography shares how making the decision to outsource her photo editing to Photographer’s Edit gave her the time necessary to pursue a new business venture. She used the time that would have been spent behind a computer to launch a niche photography business that combines her love of sport and photography!

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Show Notes

Andrea’s 1st Aha Moment: When Andrea realized that she wanted to make a career out of photography, she switched her degree from Accounting and Law to Accounting and Business to prepare her for building her own business.

Andrea’s 2nd Aha Moment: She wanted to pursue photography in a way that would provide her with a great income, but also feed her soul. While her business was thriving, she was looking for something to combine her passions. After realizing the work and time involved to growing her business, she decided to outsource her editing.

Challenges with Outsourcing Editing: Andrea’s biggest challenge with outsourcing was letting the control go.

Advantages to Outsourcing: Andrea was able to save money on childcare and take the time to grow her businesses. She even launched a brand new business, Life A Field, with the additional time she had available from not editing.

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