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Episode 71: Why We Do What We Do – Jessica Kaucz

Do you ever forget the “why” behind your business? What is it that motivates and drives you to continue building your photography business?

In episode 71 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jessica Kaucz of See Me Roar dives into the passion and motivation behind her work that has become the “why” in building her business. From personal experience to impacting the lives of others, Jessica’s primary goal in her photography is to empower women. Listen in as she shares 4 simple steps you can take to finding the “why” in your photography business.

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Show Notes

Jessica’s Aha Moment: She needed to let the public get to know her personally online so they can decide if they want to work with her. If they can’t connect on a personal level, then she’ll never be able to get those photos out of them.

Time Management Technique: If you have kids, you understand the organization that must come with them, so Jessica stays organized, which helps keep her time managed.

Why Jessica is a Photographer: She wants to show people the beauty in real life, in daily life. Jessica photographs in a very raw and real way. She’s on a journey to empower women and in order to do that she no longer removes what some would call “flaws” in photographs.

Jessica’s Motivation Behind Her Work: Her two daughters inspire her to make a change in the definition of beauty. She doesn’t want them to feel like they have to be an ornament for somebody.

4 Steps to Finding Your “Why”
1. Try a lot of things and give yourself the opportunity to find what it is you truly enjoy.
2. Listen to what people are saying about you and find out what works with your clients that you do.
3. Take time to think about what bits of life make you excited and use that as motivation.<
4. Remove the limitations of society and the noise in your mind and think about what you really want to do.

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