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Episode 99: How to Raise Your Prices – Katie Bradshaw

Do you feel stuck in your current market, but desperately want to raise your prices?

In episode 99 of the Bokeh Podcast, Katie Bradshaw of KB Digital Designs shares how year after year, she raises her prices while growing her business. Listen in for three tips to raise your prices while keeping not only your confidence, but your loyal clients as well.

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Show Notes

Katie’s Aha Moment: Don’t overbook or overwork yourself, otherwise you’ll get burnt out.

Technique for Time: Katie tries to travel as often as she can, so in order to do this, she finds openings in her schedule and plans a trip.

The Gear Bag: 85 mm f1.2

Fun Fact: Around 80% of weddings photographed in the US are $2,000 and below. (Source: The Wedding Report)

3 Big Ideas to Raise Your Prices:
1. Make one annual price increase a year, but no more than that.
2. Grandfather in some of your past clients to provide them with your older prices.
3. Always remember that you will lose clients, but you’ll gain clients that believe in you and your work.

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