Episode 98: I Started My Business at 16 – Hope Taylor

Are you nervous to start your own photography business? Maybe the thought of entrepreneurship scares you.

In episode 98 of the Bokeh Podcast, Hope Taylor shares how, at 16-years-old, she began building her successful photography business. From personalizing your branding to creating a solid support system, Hope shares the advice she would give to young entrepreneurs who are building their businesses.

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Show Notes

Hope’s Aha Moment: When Hope was starting her business at the age of 16, she faced a number of obstacles in convincing those around her that she should pursue this dream. When she realized that she could stand her ground, it was enough to get her to where she is today.

How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Dream: Read Supporting & Parenting a Young Entrepreneur

Technique for Time:
1. Batch similar tasks into the same day/timeframe.
2. Set up a full-time autoresponder that has information for everyone that could possibly email you.

Hope’s Weekly Schedule:
Mondays: Blog Posts & Social Media Scheduling
Tuesday: Editing in the Morning & Shooting in the Afternoon
Wednesday: Margin Day
Thursday: Editing in the Morning & Shooting in the Afternoon
Friday: Margin Day

Hope’s Brand Position: Hope began her business by marketing as an individual, not a business. While she shares about her services, she is primarily sharing about her and her life.

The Gear Bag
Favorite Camera Body: Canon 5d Mark III 
Favorite Lens: Sigma 50mm f/1.4
Favorite Camera Bag: Kelly Moore Backpack
Favorite Accessory: Black Rapid Crossbody Camera Strap

Two Biggest Challenges of Starting a Business at 16:
1. Having to overcome the criticism of pursuing a non-traditional career at a young age.
2. Earning the trust of your clients when you’re so young, but also knowing your place in the industry.

Two Biggest Rewards:
1. Dealing with criticism at such a young age prepared her for the backlash she gets today from having a larger following on social media. If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t have developed a thick skin to brush off some of the hateful comments she does receive.
2. She had the ability to travel and grow her business in place of her college education. She views the conferences and workshops she attended as her education, yet she was able to pay for the investment in a way she wouldn’t have been able to if she had gone to college.

Three Mistakes New Photographers are Making:
1. Some photographers are only sharing their work and not including themselves in their brand. This disconnects potential clients from photographers.
2. Some photographers aren’t setting intentional work hours.
3. If you’re not streamlining your business and creating processes will create chaos and stress.

What New Photographers Should be Doing:
Brainstorm 3-5 connection points that have to do with your personality, not your business. Incorporate those into your marketing to add value to you as an individual, but also attract clients that can connect to those interests.

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