Episode 100: Storytelling for Marketing – Megan Kuethen

Is your marketing voice truly telling a story to your audience?

In episode 100 of the Bokeh Podcast, photographer and storytelling Megan Kuethen shares how she took her background in storytelling and created a unique brand position in her market. Listen as she shares two big ideas to telling your story!

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Show Notes

Megan’s Aha Moment: You have to treat yourself like a business if you want your clients to treat you like a business.

Megan’s Brand Position: The Storyteller

The Gear Bag: Nikon D750 with 50 mm f1.4

Photographers Mentioned in the Episode:
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Two Storytelling Principles:
1. Stories are personal, so it only works when it is authentic.
2. Start now, because you already have a story that your audience is waiting to hear.

Instagram: @megankuethen // @megankuethenphoto
Facebook: Megan Kuethen
Brand Positioning – the place that a brand occupies in the mind of the customer and how it is distinguished from products from competitors.
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