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Episode 306: Lowering My Prices for My Ideal Client – Melissa Hersey

Have you considered lowering your prices in order to book more of your ideal clients?

In episode 306 of the Bokeh Podcast, Melissa Hersey explains why she decided to lower her prices (nearly in half) in order to attract the clients she enjoyed working with most. Listen in as she shares three concepts to consider when setting your prices.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Relaxed, natural and intimate photography is her tagline, but she’s ok with having a similar business as those around her. (3:34)

Just in Case of Emergency Clause: A pact with 5 photographers who share similar brand positions to cover each other’s weddings just in case of emergency. (4:53)

Advice for Photographers: Be grateful for what you’ve got and set boundaries. (10:42)

Technique for Time: Setting timers for your tasks. (16:22)
Jess Jordana’s Episode

Book Recommendations: (18:44)
Boys Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton
Any Ordinary Day

The Gear Bag: Nikon gear in a world transitioning to Sony. 30-year-old 50mm 1.8 lens. (25:40)

Melissa’s Wedding Pricing History (2008-2019): (29:29)
Lowest: $850 AUS – $577 USD
Highest: $6500 AUS
Current: $3500 AUS

Melissa’s Price Increase Plan: Raise every season due to supply & demand. (32:25)

How Raising Prices Didn’t Go As Planned (35:37)

What Photographer’s Should Consider When Setting Prices: (43:50)
1. Awareness of your ideal client and where they sit in their budget
2. Awareness of what we need.
3. Don’t get too privileged in yourself.