Episode 307: 3 Mistakes You’re Making With Ideal Clients – Erin Youngren

Have you taken the time to really dive into defining your ideal client based on the people you’re already serving?

In episode 307 of the Bokeh Podcast, Erin Youngren explains why you should understand who your ideal client is and what motivates them, based on your past clients. Listen in as she describes three primary mistakes you are making when it comes to defining your ideal client.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Classic and traditional wedding photographers positioning themselves as ‘Black Ties & Ballrooms,” helping their couples take in their wedding day. (13:11)

Advice for Photographers: We all experience the same creative battles. There will never come a time when you don’t experience fear, self-doubt, or rejection, but don’t same yourself for them. (19:07)

Technique for Time: Build a business around your life, rather than a life around your business. Credit to Julia Woods. (22:25)

Erin’s Podcast: thecreativerising.com

Book Recommendation: Start With Why – bit.ly/bp-startwithwhy (28:25)

The Gear Bag: Costco Trail Mix and Kiss Styling Mats – bit.ly/bp-kissstylingmat (32:20)

The Importance of Having an Ideal Client (36:23)

Figure Out the Why of Your Ideal Client (40:13)

Weirds: The things you choose to do with your time and money – from Seth Godin in We Are All Weird – bit.ly/bp-weareallweird (41:58)

Getting to Know Your Ideal Client (48:26)

3 Mistakes You’re Making with Ideal Clients (52:44)
1. Staying at the surface of the conversation and not going deeper.
2. Taking all of your client’s surface characteristics of yourself and making that your ideal client.
3. Making an unrealistic image of your ideal client.

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