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Episode 305: How to Turn a Failing Business Around – Matt Baron

Are you passionate about your business, but struggling to keep it afloat? Does it seem like it will inevitably fail?

In episode 305 of the Bokeh Podcast, Matt Baron joins us to provide practical help to turn your failing business around! Listen in as he shares how he created a profitable, sustainable model out of his family’s failing business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Gear Focus is an online marketplace for photographers and videographers to sell their gear for top dollar. (4:49)

Advice for Photographers: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. (10:48)

Technique for Time: Shut the business off during family time. (16:42)

Book Recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill – bit.ly/bp-thinkgrowrich (20:03)

Important Behaviors that Lead to Failure: (25:04)
1. Complacency
2. Not Being Aware of Your Competition
3. Not Looking at ROI

Key Principals to Turn a Failing Business Around: (40:26)
1. Productivity with Efficiency
2. Marketing
3. Team – Find the right people for the bus, then find the right seat.
4. Look at things differently.

Click Up – clickup.com
Quickbooks – quickbooks.intuit.com
Good to Great – bit.ly/bp-goodtogreat

More about Gear Focus:

Gear Focus is the online marketplace for buying and selling new and used photography and videography gear. Founded by Photographers and Videographers like you with a vision to create the best experience for buying and selling used camera equipment in a focused marketplace. We have designed this platform based on your feedback – provide buyer and seller safety, low seller transaction fees and price transparency.
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We offer the best value for buyers and sellers with the lowest seller fees in a focused B2C and C2C marketplace. Sellers now receive fair market value instead of giving a large chunk of the resale value to websites that claim they will pay you top dollar for your gear.
A safe transaction requires buyer and seller transparency. Gear Focus provides that and adds extra protection by screening and monitoring all postings and transactions. We will even act on your behalf if a transaction goes wrong.  You no longer have to engage in risky selling outlets or meet in person.
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