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Episode 623: Important Life Lessons to Enable Business Growth – Madi and Micah May

Madi and Micah May have spent the last couple of years especially invested in personal growth – as individuals and as a couple – and have been able to apply the lessons learned to growth in their business. Listen in to learn what those lessons were, and how you can also apply them to your life and business!

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Show Notes:

What drives a great customer experience? (2:45)

What does capturing a client’s “higher self” mean tangibly to Madi and Micah? (5:40)

What big principle enables Madi and Micah to find the balance between running a business and having time for their personal lives? (9:00)

What are Madi and Micah’s favorite business or self-help books? (19:10)

What is Micah and Madi’s favorite piece of gear? (29:00)

The focus of this episode is a discussion on how Madi and Micah invest in their personal growth, and how that growth translates to growth in their business as well. The conversation is driven by posts that Madi shared on Facebook over the last few months. Those posts are listed below, but make sure to listen to the full episode to hear a deeper dive into the backstory behind the posts (34:05).

April 20
“The past few years I knew where I was headed but instead of looking the part, pretending I was already there, I’ve been quietly doing the inner work to become the person I knew I could be from the inside out first.”

April 13
“Not sure there is a human alive who holds more love, vision, and strength all wrapped up in one person.

He’s so freaking stubborn he won’t do anything not aligned with deep purpose, trust me I’ve tried.

He empowers himself, our family, anyone he meets to live their best life – like the amount of conversations he’s had with people where they end up in tears, realizing they had their own answers all along

He is sexy, athletic, smart, can learn and become anything he wants to, and he has the biggest shoulders imaginable to hold space for me and the kids.”

March 16
“I used to be a break pad in all my relationships.

A LOT of you women know what I mean.

I’d change and morph myself to make sure everyone was happy and then share whatever was safe after I knew what they wanted.

I did that in our marriage too.

A few years ago Micah and I noticed our polarity/chemistry wasn’t where we wanted. We had everything else…

We were best friends, business partners, parents, amazing communicators, etc

I even shared what I thought was all of me…

Hint: it wasn’t.

In the last couple years I’ve started doing something I didn’t know I was capable of and it’s changed our chemistry so much I want to jump him all day long.

I bring him ALL OF ME: my storm, my anger, my love, my excitement, my LIFE, all of it.

And I do it with an OPEN heart, trusting that he can handle and hold me.

Guess what? He can.

And watching just how much he can might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the people you value most in your life deserve to be given the chance to show you just how much they can handle all of you (with an open heart)

March 27
“It’s Monday and that means you get to create the week, life, business, family, mindset etc that you want to live in.”

May 4
“If you don’t love it, change it.”

Madi and Micah’s firs Bokeh Podcast episode: #277