Episode 624: The Power of Slow Growth – Mary Marantz

We live in a world that makes it seem like we can have overnight success at the drop of a hat! But is that realistic? And more importantly, is that the healthiest approach to building and running a business? Mary Marantz is on the show to discuss why a slow growth approach might be your better bet!

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Show Notes:

Mary’s Introduction (5:08)

What is the driving principle that allows Mary to run multiple businesses while still having a life? (9:55)

At what point did Mary realize that slow growth was the key to success in business? (14:48)

Principles that will enable photographers to approach their business through slow growth (23:30)
1. Embrace the character, wisdom, and good stewardship of business that can only be built over time
2. Focus on doing less, better, than doing more  just for the sake of doing more
3. Avoid the tendency of comparison