Episode 622: How to Build Your Business Using Facebook Groups – Olivia Smith

Nothing builds business like community, and one way to leverage community to grow your business is through Facebook groups! Listen in as photographer Olivia Smith shares how she’s built a Facebook group that has enabled her to build a multiple six-figure photography business!

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Show Notes:

What has been a key strategy for providing clients with a great customer experience? (1:35)

Olivia’s introduction (3:50)

How does Olivia manage time so that she has a life outside of her business? (4:45)

What is the most impactful self-help or business book that Olivia has read? (11:50)

What was the “aha” moment that made Olivia decide to try Facebook groups as a way to build her business? (17:15)

3 ideas for photographers when creating a FB group with potential clients (23:15)
1. Research local FB groups and engage with them according to their rules
2. Encourage current members to invite friends
3. Create intentional giveaways to encourage engagement

Questions to include in your FB group new member sign up (31:00)
1. Obtain email addresses from new members (send a free guide or some other content in exchange for an email address
2. Ask if you can contact them to discuss becoming a client

How does Olivia use FB Messenger for booking clients? (36:00)

How does Olivia determine what to post in her FB group that provides enough value to encourage members to be active? (42:40)
1. Share value-added content
2. Ask compelling questions to the group
3. Use Canva auto-fill to import text for posts to save time