Bonus Episode: How to Outsource Your Editing and Get Your Life Back – Nathan Holritz

What is outsourcing and why should I do it? In this bonus episode of the Bokeh Podcast, we are sharing a conversation between our host, Nathan Holritz, and the Picsello Facebook group that dives into why outsourcing is so important for your business. Listen in as Nathan shares how outsourcing can help photographers not only have more time to spend with the important people in their lives, but also to build and grow their businesses!

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Show Notes:

What is outsourcing? (4:07)

Why it is ok to “let go” of the editing or culling of your images to an expert (13:35)

Questions to ask yourself when determining what to outsource (16:31)

Steps to beginning a successful outsourcing experience (22:30)

  1. Establish a big-picture view for your life and your business
  2. Understand the process – it is not an overnight thing
  3. Be clear with what you want – share in detail what your editing preferences and expectations are
  4. Effectively communicate from start to finish
  5. Provide detailed feedback

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