Episode 621: The 8 Steps to Booking More Clients – E-Squared Photography

Are you having a difficult time booking clients? Or maybe you’d just like to book more jobs than you currently are? You’re in luck! Emily and Erin from E-Squared Photography are here to share the important steps they’ve learned for booking clients more effectively!

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Show Notes:

What is one of the most important principles behind providing a great experience for clients (1:51)

What principle or strategy have Erin and Emily implemented to allow them to save time in order to have a life while running their business? (4:42)

How do Emily and Erin utilize automation in their business? (7:40)

What are your favorite self-help books (10:55)

Favorite piece of camera gear (15:30)

The 8 C’s for booking more clients:

  1. Communication (19:25) – clear communication with both potential and current clients
  2. Confidence (26:25)  – practice and build your portfolio
  3. Consistency (31:15) – be consistent online (post regularly and with brand consistency)
  4. Collaboration (36:23) – learn as much about your client as possible to make the session more special for them
  5. Commitment (41:20) – committing to learning and growing to become better; commitment to timelines and clients
  6. Convincing (46:10) – find a way to convince potential clients to book you
  7. Creativity (54:30) – utilize your client’s interests to be creative
  8. Client Experience (1:01:35) – evaluate each step of the client journey with you and determine what the pain points might be in order to address them proactively