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Episode 277: How to Get Unstuck – Madi & Micah May

Do you ever feel stuck in your business without any sense of control over the direction you’re going?

In episode 277 of the Bokeh Podcast, Madi and Micah May share the story of their struggle with stress, exhaustion, and complacency when things didn’t go as planned. Listen in as they share how they managed to move forward, along with a few steps you can take to get unstuck in your business.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Workout every morning to be more alert and efficient. (3:16)

Book Recommendations: (6:36)
168 Hours – bit.ly/bp-168hours
Crash the Chatterbox – bit.ly/bp-chatterbox
Untethered Soul – bit.ly/bp-untethered

Advice for Photographers: Don’t be afraid to learn who you are, your strengths, and your weaknesses. (15:47)

Brand Position: Bringing personality to professional headshots. (19:33)

Madi & Micah’s Backstory (26:27)

Steps to Getting Unstuck: (32:44)
1. Realize when you need to ask for help and find a mentor(s).
2. Learn how to use your time well by setting good habits.
3. Hire experts for the things you don’t do well or don’t enjoy.

Books They’re Learning From: (40:48)
Never Split the Difference – bit.ly/bp-neversplit
Creativity Inc – bit.ly/bp-creativityinc
Building a Storybrand – bit.ly/bp-storybrand

Option B – bit.ly/bp-optionb
Tomas Flint’s Episode – bit.ly/bp-63