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Episode 278: Ballin’ on Budget Weddings – Sarah Willey

Are you concerned that photographers who are pricing themselves low are undercutting the market?

In episode 278 of the Bokeh Podcast, we chat with Sarah Willey on why she believes every market deserves great photography services, not just the higher end. Listen in as she breaks down how photographers can be successful with budget weddings, and how they can begin servicing the budget-friendly markets.

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Show Notes

The Lesson: Happy clients equals a happy life. (2:01)

Content Recommendations: Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast & Dave Ramsey’s Podcast (4:50)

The Gear Bag: A clipboard with timeline and shot list readily available. (6:06)

“80% of US wedding are photographed for $2k or less.”

Getting Clients When You’re Getting Started: (21:30)
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Associate Photography Business: This brand allows for affordable quality under a brand not associated with Sarah’s business. (32:05)

Supply & Demand Business Model: As time goes by, she adjusts her pricing based on the demand for her business. (35:58)

Breakdown of Budget Wedding Expenses: (39:26)
$1500 x 6 = $9,000/month
$9,000/month x 10 months = $90,000
$90,000 – 20% = $72,000 (not including write-offs)
$72,000 – $150/wedding (for outsourcing editing) = $64,800
$64,800 – $12,500 (in business expenses) = $52,300
Bonus: Add in your print sales.

Ideas for Working with Budget Brides: (46:35)
1. Tune out what everyone says and be confident in your pricing.
2. If you focus on the budget pricing, you will stay busier.
3. Remember that your time is still valuable.