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Episode 287: Less is More: Stand Out With Less Website Copy – Rachel Greiman

Are you losing potential clients because they’re getting lost in all of the copy you have on your website?

In episode 287 of the Bokeh Podcast, Rachel Greiman of Green Chair Stories explains how sometimes less is more when it comes to the text on your website. Listen in as she shares how to create well-balanced website content and cull your copy for killer conversion.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: (7:00)
For Photography – Capture the unbelievably ordinary moments that parents miss every day.
For Copywriting – I show people what makes themselves special even when they can’t see it.

Advice for Photographers: Everyone else made it up so you can to. (13:29)

Technique for Time: Start your day without meeting anyone else’s needs besides your own. For example, wake up before your baby to have time for yourself. (17:20)

Book Recommendation: Essentialism by Greg McCowen (20:39)

The Gear Bag: Snacks – Larabar & Peanut Butter Packets (22:40)

Balancing Your Website Copy (28:43)

Cull Your Copy for Killer Conversion:
1. Use prominent Calls to Action.
2. Don’t expect your photos to do the talking. Let your words sell you.
3. Let your past clients sell you by adding testimonials.
4. Don’t write a single word that is not true.

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