Episode 288: Stay In Your Lane! – Vickie Black

Have you considered what specializing in a particular type of photography could do for your business?

In episode 288 of the Bokeh Podcast, Vickie Black shares the benefits of specializing, along with her journey to becoming a senior portrait photographer. If you’re ready to pick a lane and stay in it for the long-term, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes

Brand position: For the Fashionable Teen (1:38)

Discussion on the Sexualization of Seniors (4:16)

Advice for Photographers: Price accordingly and value yourself. The clients you’re gathering now at a lower price point won’t be your clients when you raise your prices. (9:56)

Push Conference: A conference for senior portrait photographers that focuses on education. (11:55)

Technique for Time: Set a rigid schedule: Dedicated shoot and meeting days. (14:21)

Content Recommendations: The Kitchen Sink Workshop by Amanda Holloway – seniorphotographyworkshop.com (16:22)

The Gear Bag: Home Depot Light (21:08)

Vickie’s Journey to Specializing in Senior Portraits (24:02)

Specializing: If you only specialize in one thing, think about subsets that can be feeders back into your business. (26:41)

Finding Your Specialty Feels Like Falling in Love (28:54)

Specialize First, then Course Correct (30:03)

The Key to Specializing: Focus on what makes you happy. (32:05)

Steps to Narrow Down Your Specialty:
Review how is your business structured?
Photograph everything until you find what sets your soul on fire.
Evaluate your business every 6 months to make sure you’re making money.

Vicki’s Evaluation Process: (39:26)
1. Look at the numbers.
2. Look at what you’ve created.
3. Get feedback from your model groups and their moms.
4. Check your pride and ego at the door.