Episode 286: How to Photograph Bloggers & Influencers – Audrie Dollins

Have you scrolled the Instagram accounts of your favorite bloggers or social media influencers and wondered how you could collaborate with them on their images?

In episode 286 of the Bokeh Podcast, Audrie Dollins shares her approach to creating beautiful imagery and content as a blogger photographer. Listen in as she shares the characteristics, the marketing strategies, and the processes that you’ll need to become a photographer for bloggers and influencers.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: A Photographer who curates imagery for clients to accelerate their products, brands, & businesses.

Advice for Photographers: Focus on what you want to do and have to offer. Educate yourself, but don’t compare yourself. (16:59)

Technique for Time: Create a schedule for consistency. (19:22)

The Gear Bag: Flash Bender and stun gun. (23:26)

Book Recommendation: (27:43)
Light is the New Black – bit.ly/bp-lightnewblack
Girl Wash Your Face – bit.ly/bp-washface

Characteristics of a Good Blogger Photographer: (35:59)
1. Work Ethic
2. Lighting
3. Listen and Collaborate

Marketing to Bloggers & Influencers: (44:18)
1. Online Presence: Website & Social Media
2. Networking in Your Hustle

The Process:
1. Connect with the client to understand the story they’re telling.
2. The client preps everything prior to arrival (ie. Food, products, etc)
3. Photograph 1-2 hours per session.

Revenue Streams in Blogger Photography: (51:36)
1. Session Fees
2. Third Party Licensing Fees

Benefits to Being a Blogger Photographer: (55:58)
1. Getting your weekends back.
2. Meeting and connecting with other entrepreneurs, then helping their business grow.

Positioning – bit.ly/bp-positioning