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Episode 285: How to Manage Kids During a Portrait Session – Katie Pearson

Photographing kids can be challenging, especially if you haven’t found the right techniques to manage them during a portrait session!

In episode 285 of the Bokeh Podcast, Katie Pearson shares 10 tips and tricks to handling rambunctious kids during a shoot! Listen in as she shares some of her funniest stories with photographing children and the gear she uses for entertainment!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: My purpose is to capture love, relationships, and milestones in a fun and colorful way. “Let’s go outside and play!” (2:13)

Advice for Photographers: Customer service is a priority. Make sure your clients are happy from beginning to end. (7:18)

Technique for Time: Outsource your editing (9:41)

Book Recommendation:
Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachael Hollis – bit.ly/bp-washface

The Gear Bag: A small handbag full of travel items that act as an emergency kit. (17:19)

How Katie Started Photographing Children (19:01)

Crazy Scenarios from Sessions: (22:35)
A Kid & a Rosebush (22:35)
Runaway Child (23:22)

The Gear Bag for Kids: (25:27)

Managing Kids During a Portrait Session: (25:27)
1. Carry interactive items in your gear bag like bubbles and stickers. (Ages 2-4)
2. Get shutter huggers for your camera. (Ages 6 months to 1 year)
3. Feather duster for tickling toes.
4. Act silly.
5. Download a fart app.
6. Utilize Youtube for entertainment. (Baby Shark and Cocoa Melon)
7. Have the child use the camera or be the assistant so they feel important.
8. When you initially meet the family, get on the child’s level, introduce yourself, and ask them to play.
9. Have patience and avoid showing frustration.
10. Direct them to jump, twirl, and walk around to make it more playful.