Episode 303: How to Leverage IGTV for Your Business – Anesha Collins

Does overthinking your strategy for IGTV cause you to avoid using it altogether?

In episode 303 of the Bokeh Podcast, Anesha Collins joins us for a second video marketing episode to discuss the benefits of IGTV. Listen in as she shares how to easily develop content for your channel, along with creative ways to leverage Instagram’s platform!

Bonus: She’s even sharing how you can get the swipe up feature without having 10k followers on Instagram!

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Show Notes

Learn more about Anesha: Episode 258 (1:11)

Anesha’s Processing (3:17)

Editing Skin Tones (10:09)

Introduction to IGTV (17:00)
IGTV app

Anesha’s IGTV Channel: instagram.com/unashamedimaging/channel

Adding to IGTV from Desktop: (19:48)
1. Log into IG and go to your IGTV channel.
2. Click the upload button.
3. Add new IGTV video (within length and size parameters of IGTV).
4. Add the cover, details, description, feed preview, and share to FB Page. TIP: Save it as a draft.

Video Length Limits on Instagram: (21:52)
Stories – 15 seconds
Feed – 60 seconds
IGTV – 15 minutes from phone and 60 minutes from web.

Feed to IGTV Preview Feature: Make the first 60 seconds of your preview compelling enough to get people to your IGTV video. (22:27)

Three Benefits of IGTV:
1. You already have a following on Instagram (unlike starting new on youtube).
2. Consumers are ready to buy on Instagram, but learn on Youtube.
3. If you have less than 10k followers, you can get the Swipe Up feature.

“Scared money doesn’t make money” – Britney Han

Three Concepts for Content Creation on IGTV:
1. Make sure that your CTAs make sense and are relevant.
2. Be unique in the content you’re creating.
3. Repurpose content from other platforms and think through the formatting.

Three Creative Ways to Leverage IGTV for Business:
1. Tutorials, Webinar, Series, Education, Entertainment, and Product Showcasing
2. Highlight Behind the Scenes
3. Low Cost Advertising

“I shoot for the message, not for the length.”

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