Episode 302: The Reason Behind What We Do – Robert J. Hill

Are you striving to add value to your clients’ lives by doing more than just taking photos?

In episode 302 of the Bokeh Podcast, Robert J. Hill explains his desire to develop genuine connections with his couples in order to empower their relationship. Listen in as he shares tangible steps to finding and adding purpose to what you do in your business.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: My camera is my tool to help couples deepen their lives and empower their relationship so they can have a stronger and more intentional marriage. (2:05)

Advice for Photographers: Focus more on who you are than what you do. (8:52)

Technique for Time: Work Less and Make More, Set up a Strict Schedule, and Find a Co-Working Space (9:29)

Book Recommendations: (15:38)
How to Win Friends and Influence People – bit.ly/bp-winfriends
The Power of Now – bit.ly/bp-powerofnow

The Gear Bag:  (23:31)
Holdfast Pouch – bit.ly/bp-holdfastpouch
Pelican Case for Cards – bit.ly/bp-pelicancardcase

Robert’s Original Motivation with Photography (26:17)

How Robert Empowers Relationships with His Work (30:30)

“Seek to Understand Rather than be Understood”

Adding Meaning to Your Business
1. Questioning – Ask Why
2. Look Internally for Education and Growth
3. Find a mentor or business coach that is willing to get to know you.
4. Personal growth and self development outside of business.

The 80/20 Principle – bit.ly/bp-80-20
Untethered Soul – bit.ly/bp-untethered