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Episode 258: Video Marketing Trends in 2019 – Anesha Collins

Are you taking advantage of the benefits of video marketing for your business?

In episode 258 of the Bokeh Podcast, Anesha Collins discusses the video marketing trends in 2019 that you should be incorporating into your business. Listen in as she shares the advantages of video marketing, the steps to implement video into your business, and the tools that will help you succeed.

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Show Notes

Did you know? Bokeh comes from the Japanese word Boke meaning blur. (1:24)

“Video can speed up the know, like, and trust factor tremendously.” (13:47)

Advice for Photographers: Never stop learning. (20:17)

Technique for Time: Video Marketing – Following Anesha’s theory, if 3 clients are asking the same question, then it needs to become a video for reference. (27:29)

Book Recommendations:
Building a Storybrand – bit.ly/bp-storybrand (25:03)
Purple Cow – bit.ly/bp-purplecow (35:30)
Six Figure Woman – bit.ly/bp-6figwoman (35:49)
Bonus from Nathan: This Is Marketing by Seth Godin – bit.ly/bp-thisismarketing (37:57)

The Gear Bag: Silver platters, small plates, and other props for detail shots. (38:30)

Advantages of Video Marketing: You’ll have an organic reach on social media that you won’t have to spend money to get. (41:30)

Connecting through Video on Your Site: Show your clients who you are, how you work, and what your portfolio looks like through an overview video on your site. This can help set expectations on what to expect when they book you. (44:24)

Anesha’s Niche: Bright, Clean, & Soul-touching (49:50)

2019 Trends in Video Marketing: (55:23)
1. Live Streaming: Facebook Live and Instagram Live
2. IG TV
3. Blogging with video, overview, and/or a text transcription.

Live Streaming Tools: eCam Live and loola.tv (55:23)

“On social media, we get to the point where there is inauthenticity in your authenticity.” – Josh Medlin. (1:04:17)

Steps to Implement Video into Your Business: (1:09:16)
1. Tap into a resource that will guide you the right way.
2. Take a video marketing quiz/assessment.
3. Start using Instagram stories immediately! Find a challenge to participate in if you don’t know where to start.

Content Categories: Create 3 pillars of content categories with sub-categories for each to pull from. (1:13:31)

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