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Episode 259: Weaving Your Life’s Mission Into Your Business – Kate McFadzen

Are you searching for ways to bring additional value to your business by incorporating your life’s mission into your work?

In episode 259 of the Bokeh Podcast, Kate McFadzen discusses the ways that you can begin to weave your passion into your photography business. Listen in as she shares how she has adapted her business to focus on empowering love and relationships, and how you can get started pursuing your life’s mission.

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Show Notes

Niche: Weddings, Boudoir, and Branding (1:46)

Brand Position: Compassionate and consciously curated photography experiences for adventuresome souls. (5:46)

Advice for Photographers: Start before you’re ready and never stop learning. (10:08)

Technique for Time: Outsourcing and asking for help. (13:35)

What to Outsource: Editing, Accounting, Social Media, Admin Tasks, and Blogging (13:35)

The Gear Bag: Glue Dots – bit.ly/bp-gluedots (20:15)

The Klem Klub: A year long memberships for Kate’s clients that includes two mini sessions, monthly online workshops, quarterly fireside chats, and pop up happy hour events. The concept is to have a safe space in a like-minded community.

The Klem Klub Payment Structure: $97/month or $1100/year

The Klem Klub is for People Focusing On:
1. Loving Yourself
2. Loving Your Significant Other
3. Improving Your Relationships with Friends and Family

How to Get Started Pursuing Your Life’s Mission: (44:10)
1. Figure out what your life’s mission is.
2. Brainstorm 2-3 ways to weave it into your business.
3. Find 2-3 friends to bounce ideas off of.

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