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Episode 260: Capturing Your Ideal Client – Shauna & Jordon Cooney

Is your photography business growing, while you’re struggling to attract your ideal clients?

In episode 260 of the Bokeh Podcast, Shauna and Jordon Cooney walk through how they evaluated their existing clients, determined the type of client they wanted to attract, and created a plan to attract them long-term.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Help to create marriages that last. (2:29)

Advice for Photographers: Don’t be afraid to invest in education and continue learning. (10:26)

Book Recommendations: (14:37)
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – bit.ly/bp-5love
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – bit.ly/bp-powerofhabit
Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt – bit.ly/bp-bestyearever
Start by John Ackuff – bit.ly/bp-startja
Mastering Fear by Brandon Webb – bit.ly/bp-masteringfear

Technique for Time: (18:08)
Utilize a digital calendar.
Chunking tasks for every day of the week.

The Gear Bag: Deodorant (and Old Spice Bear Glove), Sweat Rag, and Step Stool (28:46)

What is an Ideal Client? Someone who sets your soul on fire, who trusts you, and makes your job enjoyable. (32:17)

The Secret to Success: Hustle (41:04)

Steps to Determine Your Ideal Client: (42:57)
1. Determine Your Why
2. Determine the value you want to bring to your client.
3. Do an ideal client brain dump by categorizing them into the most profitable clients, the most referring clients, and the repeat clients.
4. Determine what traits these clients share.
5. Create your ideal client profile.

Your Ideal Client Profile: (56:16)
Age Range
How did they meet their partner?
This or That interests: Coffee or Tea? Wine or Craft Beer?