Episode 261: Hacking Instagram for Better Engagement – Devin Robinson

Have you attempted to grow your Instagram following, but want to ensure you  genuinely engage with potential followers?

In episode 261 of the Bokeh Podcast, Devin Robinson shares his secret to streamlining authentic engagement on Instagram. Listen in as he shares how you can start growing your Instagram following today!

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Bold & Intimate Wedding Photographers Dedicated to Capturing Images that Evoke Emotion (5:46)

Advice for Photographers: Prioritize your life. (14:05)

Technique for Time: Outsourcing to get your time back. (19:43)

Book Recommendations: Launch – bit.ly/bp-launch (25:49)

Streamline Authentic Instagram Engagement: (35:22)
1. Follow new accounts as often as possible.
2. Unfollow inactive users.
3. Search for big events in your area on Instagram and follow people that look like your target bride.
4. Begin engaging with those accounts, using keyboard shortcuts.

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts: Setting > General > Keyboard > Text Replacements (40:58)

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