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Episode 257: How to Incorporate Film Into Weddings – Heather Anderson

Have you considered how incorporating film into your wedding photography can drastically improve your client experience and allow you to better connect with your couples?

In episode 257 of the Bokeh Podcast, Heather Anderson reveals how offering both film and digital photography not only sets her apart in her market, but has also helped her slow down to be in the moment with her clients. Listen in as she shares how to incorporate film photography into your business, the advantages of shooting on film, and her own post-production workflow for film after weddings.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Offering film and digital photography services. (01:54)

Advice for Photographers: Be of service to everyone. (9:34)

Meditation Resources: (15:01)
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card Deck – bit.ly/bp-wildunknown
4-7-8 Technique

Book Recommendations: A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose – bit.ly/bp-newearth (16:57)

Podcast Recommendations: Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Sundays – bit.ly/bp-oprahsupersoul (17:39)

The Gear Bag: Three Pocket Apron – bit.ly/bp-workapron (18:46)

Heather’s Website Quote: “I specialize in film photography, I love the feeling and aesthetic a film image provokes. Film has pushed me creatively to become a more thoughtful and artful photographer. Shooting in film really forces me to slow down and conceptualize the image before clicking the shutter. This allows me to offer my clients artful and timeless imagery of their wedding day.” (21:15)

Advantages of Working with Film:
1. It’ll slow you down so you’ll notice if their hand looks awkward, the flowers are off, when rings are crooked, etc.
2. When you slow down, it allows you to be in the moment.
3. You take the time to conceptualize the shot you’re about to take.

How do you avoid missing shots when you slow down for film? (26:05)
Hire a second shooter that shoots digital and will be capturing the moments in between and guarantee that you don’t miss the shots.

The Film Gear: (26:57)
Medium Format: Mamiya 645 – bit.ly/bp-mamiya654
35mm: Canon Rebel – bit.ly/bp-canonrebel
Film: Kodak Portra 160 – bit.ly/bp-portra160

Film Tip: Pick your film based on your environment and your couple. (29:53)

Matching Your Images for Hybrid Shooting: c1ick.com

Wedding Film Workflow: (32:57)
1. Mail the film off via FedEx for developing.
2. Note the film has arrived at the lab and the date that the film will be ready.
3. Receive images via WeTransfer.
4. Add to Lightroom, cull, and film match the digitals.
5. Blog the wedding.
6. Upload to online gallery for client delivery.

Average Turn-Around Time: 4-6 weeks

How to Incorporate Film Into Weddings: (35:37)
1. Start shooting film and learning how to use the film.
2. Take a workshop to learn more about the process.
3. Shoot for fun with family & friends.
4. Plan styled shoots and personal projects to get familiar with it.
5. Start using film in your sessions without advertising or charging for it.

Heather’s Lab: thefindlab.com (43:35)

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer – bit.ly/bp-untethered
Unfold App – bit.ly/bp-unfold