Episode 582: How to Use Personal Style to Attract Ideal Clients – Willow and Kameron Vogt

“All that to say, we are always thinking of new ways to help you tell your brand’s story more effectively through the clothes that you wear. It might not be your first thought when it comes to your brand messaging, but we know that your clients are making subconscious judgments based on it, and it’s probably what Willow and I will be talking about as we are brushing our teeth tonight.”

We all have personal preferences when it comes to the clothing we wear, but what if those preferences don’t align with the client we’re trying to attract? Listen in to this conversation with Willow and Kameron Vogt to learn how to dress to attract your ideal client – and look good doing it!

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Show Notes:

Willow and Kameron’s brand position (1:42)

Why has there been a shift in the photography industry from professional attire to more casual attire? (6:32)

What is the difference between a brand stylist and a personal stylist? (10:13)

What is the value of hiring a brand stylist? (13:00)

What if I can’t afford expensive, name-brand clothing and accessories? (18:16)

Elements for choosing the right clothing (20:27)
1. Appropriate fit of clothing
2. Choose colors that fit the market you’re targeting

3 things photographers can do now to elevate their brand’s style (24:50)
1. Conduct an ideal client analysis
2. Create 3 “fall-back” outfits based on the client analysis
3. Invest in 1 statement piece if needed for your client base

Why it is important to prioritize clients versus our own preferences (29:35)

What is the most impactful piece to buy if you’re limited in your budget? (45:23)