Episode 581: How to Create a Memorable Experience for Couples – Victoria Saint Martin

It is easier than ever to take, create, or edit a pretty picture; none of those things set us apart as professional photographers to any great degree. So how can we set ourselves apart from our competition when potential clients are scrolling through countless photographers’ social media accounts trying to select the best option?

As Victoria Saint Martin shares with us in episode 581 of the Bokeh Podcast, experience is EVERYTHING if we want to create a business that will last! From the first interaction a potential client has with your brand until well after the event, photographers set the tone when creating a memorable experience for their clients. Listen in as she shares the 5 main strategies she implements for doing just that!

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Show Notes

Victoria’s Brand position (1:29)

What was the turning point in Victoria’s business for shifting to a focus of client experience as a way to set her apart? (8:12)

Five ways that Victoria creates a memorable experience for her clients (12:17)
1. Provide clear and open communication
2. Connect with clients on as many levels as possible
3. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your clients
4. Be fully aware during the event (people, problems, etc.)
5. Continue the experience past the contract

How do you blend into the background during a ceremony while still capturing the important moments? (54:20)