Episode 580: Three Steps to Improving Paid Ads – Jesse Morquecho

Have you tried running ads on Facebook or Instagram and found yourself completely overwhelmed? Or maybe you’ve successfully run them but haven’t seen the return on investment that you expected?

In Episode 580 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jesse Morquecho from Till Agency dives into three steps that you can take to improve your paid ads! Tune in as we chat about what a sales funnel is, how you can test different top-of-funnel options and conversion events, and ways that you can be sure that what you’re doing is producing the results that you want!

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Show Notes

Jesse’s introduction (1:00)

Brand position (2:06)

Creating a great customer experience (4:53)

How does Till effectively manage expectations for their clients? (6:28)

What drives Jesse’s efficiency when it comes to getting work done? (13:08)

Technique for time management (10:14)

Book recommendation (15:23)

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin


Does Jesse recommend Facebook as a paid ad platform? (19:57)

Is Jesse seeing a high return on investment with Facebook ads at the moment? (28:20)

The concept of a sales funnel (32:58)

3 Tests to Run if You’re Running Paid Ads (34:15)

  1. Test different top-of-funnel options
  2. Test different conversion events
  3. Test quarterly and ask “Is what I’m doing working?”

Till Agency overview (1:09:41)