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Episode 474: How to Get Your Joy Back – Lesleann Brackney

Are you trying to be a superhero business owner, yet feeling, and even acting, more like a villain when trying to handle it all yourself?

In episode 474 of The Bokeh Podcast, Lesleann Brackney highlights how she utilizes industry experts to support her business so that she can have more time to focus on what she enjoys most as a business owner. Listen in for strategies that you can implement to help you find joy in your work.

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Show Notes

Brand Position: Atlanta-based wedding and portrait photographer who positions herself as “your bridesmaid with a camera” (3:17)

Creating a Great Customer Experience (8:45)

Time Management: Outsourcing and Delegation (15:25)

What does Lesleann delegate? (20:58)
1. Editing
2. Social Media Management
3. Blog Writing
4. Copywriting for ads
5. Website Design
6. Brand Development

Motivation for delegating (23:55)

Factoring in cost for delegation (31:34)

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Presumed challenges of outsourcing: (33:33)
1. Concern of losing the “artist voice”
2. It has to be all or nothing

Benefits of Outsourcing: (41:32)
1. Time back for yourself
2. Bringing in experts to your business
3. Ability to focus on the parts of the business that you enjoy