Episode 372: Thinking Proactively About Our Finances – Matt Odom

Have you set yourself up for financial stability in your business and personal life?

In episode 372 of the Bokeh Podcast, Matt Odom joins us to discuss the importance of being proactive with your finances as a small business owner. Listen in as he shares insight into saving, investing, and diversifying your revenue streams.

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Show Notes

Customer Experience: Be on time, be nice, follow up, build a relationship. (1:16)

Outsourcing/Delegation: Outsource the things you don’t enjoy. (8:06)

Inspiration: Films and personal projects. (12:52)

Peace in Finances (15:51)

Saving Money: (25:42)
You should be saving 30% of your income for taxes.
You should be saving 20% of your income for savings.

Restructuring Prices & Packages for Long-Term Benefit After COVID-19 (34:54)

Investing in Rental Properties (38;54)

SEP IRA (46:41)

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