Episode 613: How to Establish Boundaries to Minimize Burnout – Sean Oblizalo

You can’t escape hard work if you want to build a strong business, but how do you balance hard work with enjoying the life you’ve created for yourself – and minimize the possibility of burnout? Listen in to this important conversation with photographer Sean Oblizalo to learn simple steps you can take to have the business you want while maintaining peace of mind!

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Show Notes:

Sean’s introduction (2:52)

What is one tip that Sean would share that would allow photographers to create a sustainable business while maintaining some freedom and flexibility (5:40)

What motivated Sean’s effort to create more boundaries in his business this year? (13:15)

How would Sean sum up what his motivation is as a photographer? (18:20)

What leads to photographers being so focused on the numbers that they lose their motivation and joy? (21:36)

Boundaries that Sean has put into place for himself and his business in 2023 (25:42)
1. Only working Monday-Thursday
2. Limiting screen time (response time to emails, texts, social media messages)
3. Capping the number of elopements shot per week
4. Only taking on ideal clients – not chasing after any and all clients
5. Not offering discounts

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