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Episode 614: How to Offer Full-Service Branding Photography – Jasmine Newton

Running a healthy and successful photography business in 2023 is largely about creating an amazing customer experience! Photographer Jasmine Newton is going to share how to up the ante in the experience you create for your branding portrait clients in today’s Bokeh Podcast episode!

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Show Notes:

Jasmine’s introduction (4:00)

What is the big principle that Jasmine implements in her business to avoid burnout? (13:56)

What is a big idea or principle that has enabled growth in Jasmine’s business? (22:10)

What does “full-service branding photography” mean? (30:18)

What drives Jasmine’s desire to connect with clients on a deeper level? (32:16)

What key principles drive successful full-service brand photography sessions? (38:20)
1. Know your worth, and charge accordingly
2. Approach everything with love
3. Keep an open mindset

What would Jasmine say to a photographer who doesn’t know how to determine their pricing? (44:02)

How can photographers step out of their shells to approach all situations with love and connection? (48:00)

Love is the Killer App book
Brand Brilliance