Episode 612: How to Use Strategy Calls for a Better Client Experience – John DeMato

In a world where taking a good picture is no longer a differentiator in photography business, creating an amazing client experience is more important than ever! On this Bokeh Podcast episode, photographer John DeMato shares how he uses strategy calls to take client experience to the next level!

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Show Notes:

John’s introduction (3:45)

How does John run his business in order to minimize burnout? (5:05)

What key business principle has enabled John to build his business? (9:00)

How do client strategy calls help to create a great experience – prior to the session? (13:10)
1. Communicates care
2. Creates awareness as to what is needed

What is the difference between a general pre-session call and a strategy call? (15:20)

What are the 3 main categories of questions asked on the strategy calls? (20:40)
1. “Who are you?” questions
2. “Who do you serve?”
3. How do you solve your client’s problems?”

How does John gracefully decline sessions if it isn’t a good fit between him and the potential client? (25:06)

How does John take the information gleaned from the strategy call and translate it to how he runs the shoot? (37:35)

How does John make his clients feel more comfortable either in the call or in the session? (40:15)