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Episode 611: How to Create Desire in the Mind of the Buyer – James & SchulzeEpisode 611:

Being there to meet a client’s need is one thing, but is there a way to actually create desire for your brand in the mind of a potential client? Tune in to this episode with photographers James and Schulze to learn how!

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Show Notes:

James and Schulze’s Introduction (1:34)

How long did it take James & Schulze to get to the point of being able to charge $50k for a wedding? (5:35)

What is a principle that they have implemented in order to run their business but still have a life? (9:04)

What key principle has enabled success in business for James & Schulze over the years? (19:20)

Does the type of desire vary between the lower-priced photography client and the higher-priced client? (33:50)

How can photographers create want in the mind of their potential clients? (39:50)
1. Create the idea of scarcity with your services
2. Curation of your images – only show images that your potential clients WANT to see
3. Brand Association – connect with vendors, magazines, etc. that represent your ideal client