Episode 541: How to Create Emotionally Evocative Images – Robert Hill

How can a photographer set an intimate tone during a photoshoot in order to create emotionally evocative images? Robert Hill says, “To capture intimacy, you must create intimacy.”

Robert joins us for episode 540 of The Bokeh Podcast to explain the necessary steps photographers must take to create a sense of vulnerability and intimacy with couples in order to capture an image that is not only beautiful, but emotionally driven. Listen in to hear his tips for how to create this environment of trust and openness with clients.

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Show Notes

Creating a great customer experience (6:50)

Technique for time management (17:12)

Outsourcing/Delegation (26:53)

Book Recommendations (33:30)
The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block

Favorite piece of gear (35:55)
Mamiya C330

What is meant by Robert’s statement “to capture intimacy, you must create intimacy”? (42:23)

What does the word “intimacy” mean to Robert? (46:46)

How does Robert create a sense of trust and safety for his clients? (55:30)

Where is the balance between vulnerability and over-sharing? (1:00:25)

What does it mean to encourage intimacy with couples during a shoot? (1:05:00)

Robert’s tips for how to capture emotionally evocative images:
1. Build a Relationship
2. Cultivate trust
3. Create safety
4. Encourage them
5. Direct, don’t pose

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