Episode 540: A Fresh Approach to New Year’s Resolutions – Nathan Holritz

Are you tired of trying to hit the reset button every year with big, unsustainable goals – only to fall off the wagon within weeks? Nathan Holritz, CEO at Photographer’s Edit and host of The Bokeh Podcast, has a healthy, more sustainable solution for you – not only for 2022 but for years to come. Listen in to episode 540 and let Nathan encourage you to have a healthier, stronger start to your year!

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Show Notes

What New Year’s resolutions usually are (3:42)

A New Year’s resolutions alternative (5:16)

Nathan’s introduction to the application of values to our lives: (Re)Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins (7:55)

Definition of values (11:58)

Values – Our most important states of being that bring us a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment

How to establish your values (16:34)

How to live your values (29:19)

Nathan’s values:
Healthy – Any time I take care of my body in a way that helps me stay lean, feeling alert, and feeling energetic, food is fuel and sleep is king

Growing – Any time I’ve learned or tried something new, or pushed myself outside my comfort zone, always asking how/why

Simple – Any time I’ve been able to minimize the number of moving parts in a situation, and focus on what bring the biggest positive results, 80/20 principle

Kind – Any time I’ve been able to show someone kindness in word or deed, particularly through empathy

Connected – Any time I’ve been able to connect emotionally with an individual or small group, ideally helping them, teaching them, or giving to them in some way

Proactive – Any time I’m moving forward

Consistent – Any time I’ve been consistent in my values and/or emotional state

Time – Freedom and flexibility with my time

Thankful – Any time I’ve shown appreciation for that which is in my life 

Charismatic – Any time I’ve engaged with people in a spirit of presence, power, and warmth

Fun – Any time I do something that makes me or someone else laugh or get excited

(Re)Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins: