Episode 468: How to Create a Better Monthly Newsletter – Gustavo Fernandez

Does your monthly newsletter give off the vibe of being a stuffy suit and tie or soft, warm PJ’s?  Finding the balance between providing value as a professional and connecting on a personal level may feel overwhelming.

In episode 468 of the Bokeh Podcast, Gustavo Fernandez breaks down how he uses his monthly newsletter to provide his clients with relevant information, while also inviting them into his personal life. Listen in as he shares the components of his newsletter as well as the reasons why he does not include a call-to-action for his readers.

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Show Notes

Deeper Conversations (1:00)

Client Experience: (4:23)
1. Being memorable to your clients.
2. Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Why Send a Newsletter (14:31)
1. Keep building a relationship with my clients. (14:56)
2. Reminds them of what I do. (15:39)
3. It’s for me. (16:05)

How Gustavo Plans Content for His Monthly Newsletter (16:10)
1. Look back through my Google Photos for the Last Month
2. Look through Calendar
3. Look through Lightroom

Staying Top of Mind for Clients (18:48)

Email Metrics Aren’t Everything (20:36)

Segment from Gustavo’s Newsletter (23:06)
A two-hour drive southeast put me in the company of a few friends who were gathering for a holiday party. We enjoyed an evening at Wave, an outdoor restaurant set within 1 Beach Club. Wave features a modern sea-to-table concept that takes the meanings of fresh, organic, and dining to entirely new levels.

What I liked most was the Tulum vibe present within the restaurant. The design included repurposed furniture that strongly complemented the outdoor beachfront.

Equally as beautiful was the waterfront apartment my gracious host, Alicia, opened up to me for my stay. I was so inspired by the beauty and balance of the design that I decided to start looking for a similar style of residence for when I return in January to (finally) settle in.

Components of Gustavo’s Newsletter: (24:58)
1. Headshots
2. Featured Headshot Event or Corporate Event
3. Personal Story
4. Something Fun – Shower Thoughts

Outsourcing Your Writing to an Editor (25:29)

Personal vs. Oversharing (28:59)

Gustavo’s Newsletter Shower Thoughts (31:10)
Here are a few things we think about without actually thinking about…
– Even though Uber drivers drive a car all day, they walk to work.
– One day soon, there will be kids who have no idea why we associate the sound “cha-ching” with money.
– Crickets are pretty damn loud to be the symbol of silence.
– Having a dead animal in your fridge is disturbing and disgusting. Having cut pieces of a dead animal is fine.
– Most board games have one winner and multiple losers. Jenga has one loser and multiple winners.
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts

Why does Gustavo not include a Call to Action in his Newsletters? ( 33:57)
1.  Being Top of Mind is the #1 Goal
2.  Be like Coca-Cola! “We’re here whenever you’re ready”
3.  Brand Awareness over CTA

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