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Episode 469: How to Build a Stronger, Healthier Body: Jamenda Whitehead

Does the idea of focusing on your health and fitness seem like a time consuming chore? Can it really be as simple as doing small things consistently in order to see results?

In episode 469 of the Bokeh Podcast, Jamenda Whitehead shares what she learned as a professional body builder that is now shaping her routine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a photographer.  Listen in as she provides simple steps that we can take now to build a stronger, healthier body for better quality of life in the future.

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Show Notes

Technique for Time: Time blocking and having a to do list (6:06)

Brand Position:  (10:02)  Cleveland, OH and Atlanta, GA wedding and portrait photographer: “Grace My Lens and I’ll Grace Your Memories”

Client Experience:  Provides customers with experiences that they don’t expect (13:08)

Delegation/Outsourcing: Editing and Finances/bookkeeping (16:00)

Book Recommendation: (20:45 )
The Power of Habit by  Charles Duhigg

Motivation to Be a Competitive Body Builder (26:59)

Workout Routine Now as a Photographer (34:25)

Top 5 Exercises to Get Started: (38:57)
1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Pushups
4. Sit-ups (or crunches)
5. Tricep dips

Important Dietary Principles:  (1:02:54)
1. Snacks vs meals
2. Be aware of what works best for your body
3. Have a cheat meal!
4. Hydration
5. Give your self grace

Supplementation (1:18:55)